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G20 manual transmission bracket
1991 to 1996 G20 manual transmission bracket for front mount, great for those going from auto to manual: $15

twin piston brakes
93 infiniti J30 twin piston brakes: $100

power steering pumps
Need power steering pumps for 1991 - 2002 G20s and Sentras? Call us - we have many different versions here: $40

1991 - 2002 alternator; works in anything with an SR: $40

se-r starter
Se-r Starter: $50

E-mail to purchase available products.


We also have a few pre-built motors for sale over at or call us at 276 782 9100, We have some built DET's for sale. We have some stroker VVL motors for sale.

OBD2 distributor with cap: $50

boost gauge
Electronic boost gauge: $15

oil line
Braided oil line for turbo with restrictor: $25

motor mount
G20 P10 Passenger Motor Mount with Insert: $80